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This is the site of a Private School in Parma.
Club Mary Poppins: Nursery and Kindergarten.
Bruno Munari: Primary School inspired by the Munari ® Method.
The Kids Club runs courses, workshops, activities and games;
and is open to all children, even those who do not attend the school.

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Club's Afternoons
For the 2020/2021 school year we offer: - Afternoons at the Club from 2.30pm / 3pm to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, with 3 courses of your choice and a healthy snack. - ... [Read all]
25-08-2020 - 30-06-2021
Mary Poppins' toy box
Activities aimed at everyone .... from 0 to 100 years. Workshops for children and young people Let's play art "Teen" evenings Meeting mothers
The "parent facto... [Read all]
08-11-2018 - 31-12-2018